Who We Are

We are first-generation farmers who believe that small farms play a pivotal role in the work of preserving local food supplies, decreasing energy consumption, and bringing neighbors together in authentic communities. 

In the age-old tradition of apprenticeship, we learned season-extension and cold-weather farming methods from other farmers. Before Bluestem Farm, our experiences included a self-sufficient biodynamic community farm in rural northwestern Russia, and a diversified organic raw-milk dairy in northern New England. Even when we lived in New York City, we kept chickens and had a container garden.

Aaron Brower 2.jpg


Each year, Aaron raises thousands of animals on pasture and grows thousands of pounds of certified organic vegetables. Formative experiences include thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail as a young man,  hitchhiking, and fatherhood. He's got a great memory for books. 


Our Team

Each year we're lucky to have the help of several fine people. Sometimes we're looking for more. If you'd like to learn more about working with us, drop us a line via the links at the bottom of the page with a note on your experience and interests.

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Mary's past is littered with partial careers in teaching, cooking, and writing. At Bluestem Farm, she takes the helm as head egg washer, delivery driver, and pickle maker. She's usually the person at the other end of an email, and she usually has salad dressing on her shirt.