Bluestem Farm is a year-round organic farm offering build-your-own CSA shares, engaging community events, and some exciting food outreach initiatives. 

Aaron and Mary Brower are first-generation farmers who believe small farms play a pivotal role in the work of preserving local food supplies, decreasing energy consumption, and bringing neighbors together in authentic communities. 

In the age-old tradition of apprenticeship, we learned season-extension and cold-weather farming methods from other farmers. Before Bluestem Farm, previous experiences included a self-sufficient biodynamic community farm in rural northwestern Russia, and a diversified organic raw-milk dairy in northern New England. 

We rely as little as possible on external inputs, and avoid all pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, preferring instead to cycle nutrients through the ecosystem of our farm. This allows us to use fewer fossil fuels in transport, and helps us keep costs down.

Our animals graze the fields, producing meat, eggs, and manure. Composted manure and balanced minerals fertilize the fields which grow the vegetables, which in turn feed the people and the animals—not to mention the earthworms, beneficial fungi and soil bacteria in the pastures and compost heaps. 

Much of the 80 acres of woods, rolling grassland, and gardens that make up Bluestem Farm were fallow from the early sixties until 2012, when we came to own the land. During that time, the farm’s many habitats were protected in an interconnected patchwork vibrant with plant and animal life.

Today, we’re carefully transitioning the property back to working farmland in a way that continues to protect the land. Our farming practices include managed intensive rotational grazing, certified organic growing methods, and zero chemical inputs. We are proud to offer our members and customers certified organic vegetables and plentiful, varied diets straight through both the gorgeous summers and long winters of northwest lower Michigan. 

We chose the name Bluestem Farm for the native Midwestern grass by the same name. Its roots reach extraordinarily deep.

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