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Organic Vegetables + Pasture-Raised Proteins


Community Supported Agriculture


Join our farm's summer membership program, and you receive a weekly or bi-weekly box of our good food. We call these subscription packages "CSA shares." With our unique build-your-own program, you get your pick of certified organic vegetables and pasture-raised proteins—all grown right here at Bluestem Farm. 

Bluestem Farm grows the most delicious vegetables I have ever eaten.
— Alyssa S., Bellaire CSA Member


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How does it work?

Our summer 2018 program runs for 22 weeks, from mid June through late fall. Signing up is as easy and online—it just takes a couple of clicks. Each week of the program, we send you an email with recipe ideas, news from the farm, and a link to build your own box. To pick up your order, meet up with us in one of five towns in beautiful northern Michigan. 



Build your own box

With our unique custom ordering system, you never have to bring home food you don't want. Want to pick out every item that goes in the box, or sit back and let the farmers select the cream of the crop for you?Each week it's up to you. Our certified organic vegetable shares come in four sizes, from extra small to large. 


Local, organic, delicious


Our food is special not only because it is healthy, local, and environmentally responsible, but also because it is delicious. As cooks as well as farmers, we delight in the beauty, quality, and excellence of our food. We would never abandon you with a box of mystery vegetables. We take pride in sharing ideas with weekly recipe newsletters, seasonal cookbooks, Eat Like a Farmer recipe columns, our private CSA member recipe group on Facebook, and with a 5-word menu inspiration for each ingredient in the box. 

What's in a Share?

For detailed examples of what we gave our members in years past, check out the 2017 and 2016 growing seasons.  



Ordering is quick and convenient, and so is rescheduling a delivery. We offer unconditional returns if our program isn't working for you. 


Delivery Schedule





Bluestem Farm from 4 to 6 pm

Bellaire from 5 to 5:30 pm




The Pavilion on Court 

from 5 to 6 pm




Grain Train in Petoskey 

from 6:30 to 7 pm


Grain Train in Petoskey 

from 5 to 6 pm




Boyne City Farmers Market from 8 am to noon


Join Our Farm

Until March, our returning members have exclusive access to sign up for shares. A newsletter invite and announcement on social media are coming soon!