CSA Member Recipe Ideas

This week, we're featuring what our members are doing with their CSA shares. Special thanks to Dawn, Janice, and Judy for sharing these wonderful ideas! 

Pressure-Canning Greens

Dawn from Petoskey shared the above idea for pressure-canning greens. This is a great way to store greens for winter. 

If you

 mean to do this and do not have experience pressure-canning low acid foods,


would love to talk over the process with you before you give it a try. 

Raw Kale Salad

Janice from Gaylord suggested this recipe to us, and since then several members have remarked on how much they love raw kale salads. So delicious. Why didn't we know?

Swiss Chard with Poached Egg Salad

This variation on the salad one comes to us via Judy in Petoskey. Full recipe