Member Spotlight: Bobby and Harriet Genberg from Gaylord


Harriet and Bobby Genberg from Gaylord love cooking with beets. Earlier this month, Harriet made a soup with beets and tomatoes  and dill from the farm. She used vegetable bouillon instead of water, and the soup turned out well. Both Bobby and Harriet thought it was delicious along with warm bread and cheese.

Bobby and Harriet usually eat beets boiled, peeled with their bare hands after running a little cold water over them. They serve them with cold butter: a perfect lunch dish. If any are left over, Harriet cuts them into small pieces and sprinkles them with feta or goat cheese and grills them for a few minutes. It's a great appetizer. Cold cooked beets also taste great chopped with apples and a little yellow onion mixed with some mayo or yogurt and mustard, and served as a salad with ham or cold leftover meat.
Originally from Sweden, Harriet  ran a translation and interpretation business called Swedish Language Services. She is almost retired now!