CSA Member Reviews

People say that kids don't like eating whole foods, but we just haven't found that to be true. We offer three of the most adorable customer testimonials ever. 

I love Bluestem Farm!
I am thrilled with the quality and diversity of the vegetables we receive. Bluestem Farm really does make the world a better place.
— Chris E., Bellaire
“I truly do not know what I’d do without Bluestem Farm! Having access to naturally raised pork and chicken is extremely important to me, and the flavors are amazing. They’re always helpful with recipes and cooking tips. Keep up the excellent work, Mary and Aaron!
— Cathy L., Gaylord
Immensely grateful for healthy veggies, eggs, chickens and pork. Highly satisfying to support a local farm and such a wonderful family. Mary and Aaron are truly inspirational and we hope we will share in the bounty for years to come.
— C.Ann M., Boyne City
This is my 3rd year of participating in the winter CSA vegetable share. It is such a bright spot during the cold, dark days of winter. I look forward to the delivery and have felt inspired to eat healthy and try new things. Thank you.
— Denise P., Bellaire

I love getting healthy, locally grown veggies that wake up my meal planning and encourage my husband and I to try new recipes. It is reasonably priced and picking up the box of veggies and meat is much more fun than shopping at a grocery store.
I love it.
— Sally W., Boyne City
Mary BrowerComment