Postcards from Early Summer

Growing and glowing things afoot at Bluestem Farm!

Our herd of heritage hogs is growing well, oinking and rooting out on their summer pasture. 

Farmer Aaron working working. 

We're blessed this year with a stellar crew. Introducing Rebekah and Laura!

We've hosted not one but several farm tours and events so far this season. In the tour above, we teamed up with  Crosshatch to showcase our methods for raising and housing egg-laying chickens. We just won a prestigious grant from SARE to study how we do it! 

Even our baby chicks live in green summer pastures.

What we gave our CSA members who have small shares last week. 

Laying hen saying howdy. 

We had a brief, gorgeous run with June strawberries. (They were just available to our CSA members.) 

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