CSA Member Profile: A Weekend with Rocky & Susan

Steve (Rocky) Brochhagen and Susan Scott joined the Bluestem CSA program in the fall of 2015 after visiting the farm the previous summer to enjoy a barn concert. As new members on the winter program, we enjoyed the challenge of adapting our menus to what was available from "our" farm. It was challenging at first (..."what exactly IS THAT...do we seriously eat it?"), but we have grown to love the challenge and truly treasure our weekly box of delicious treasures that are all right from this farm. And we now know what to do with celeriac. 

A Weekend of Good Food with Friends

I don’t have a favorite recipe to share, but I do have a favorite story about how Bluestem Farm fits with our lifestyle. We recently took a trip to the UP with several friends (9 in total) and we received our weekly summer share on the Thursday evening before we departed. My girlfriend and I challenged ourselves to feed the whole gang from our vegetable share plus our Bluestem eggs and pork...and we did it! This was 2 weeks ago so I’m going to adjust our menu based on what we have now — I hope it inspires you to take a trip with friends and eat local whole foods along the way!
— Susan Scott

Dinner MENU

Lettuce Salad with roasted beets, cucumber, and tomatoes
Braised Kale and Chard with bacon
Oven Roasted Zucchini, Broccoli, and Potatoes with thyme and parsley
Maple Syrup* Glazed Carrots
Grilled Pork Chops

Breakfast MENU

Scrambled Eggs with Herbs
Pork Sausage
Bloody Marys* 

*Maple syrup and adult beverages not provided in Bluestem Farm share...

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