CSA Member Sauerkraut Workshop

At Bluestem Farm

4218 M-32 (at Adams Rd)

February 16

6 to 8 PM

Come enjoy the fun of making lacto-fermented sauerkraut alongside your fellow CSA members! Mary will shred the cabbage in her industrial machine, so this will be the simplest canning process ever. Just bring:

  • a sturdy mixing bowl

  • a couple of wide-mouth Mason jars with lids

  • a couple of little jelly jars (optional)

  • measuring spoons

  • a potluck dish + dishes for you if you can manage it (but forget about it if you've had a busy day and can't pull this off, there's always too much food at these things)

We'll get together and talk through the process of fermentation and then mix up some kraut for you to take home. 

Please let us know you're coming below so we can plan. 

See you out at the farm! 

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