Winter Vegetable Shares: Mid December

12.11.17 -LG.jpg

BOK CHOI - with chicken in potstickers

LETTUCE - citrusy salad with roasted beets

CARROTS - coriander carrot bisque

POTATOES - time for home fries

PURPLE DAIKON - savory purple radish pancakes

LEEKS - long tart with Parmesan

BEETS - roasted for winter salads

BRUSSELS SPROUTS - slaw with honey mustard

ONIONS - oh man, onion jam

SALAD TURNIPS - big white slaw

PURPLE CABBAGE - big purple slaw

SPRING MIX - salad with blood oranges

GARLIC - sopa de ajo

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12.11.17 -SM.jpg
12.11.17 -OTHER.jpg
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