Bluestem Ferments are live-cultured, raw foods. Made in northern Michigan—by farmers. We are dedicated to beautiful, organic, delicious ingredients.

The vegetables packed into each jar were grown right at Bluestem Farm, a four-season community farm located in northern lower Michigan. All Bluestem Farm vegetables are certified organic through OEFFA. Open a jar of Bluestem Ferments, and you taste a gastronomic playground. Complex flavors, unattainable by vinegar pickling, combine with a swirl of vibrant colors to produce foods that are as beautiful and delicious as they are raw, organic, and nutritionally dense.  

By employing beneficial cultures like the ones that are present in sourdough bread and yogurt, naturally pickled vegetables are not only preserved, they are also enhanced. Through the process of fermentation, the bio-availability of certain minerals and complex carbohydrates are increased, while vitamins K and C are synthesized outright. Alongside all that, a host of beneficial probiotics and pre-biotics—gaining increasing renown in scholarly articles on the human microbiome—are introduced each time you take a bite of these naturally fermented foods. Simple, delicious, and nutritionally dense, cultured vegetables are also safe for people who cannot tolerate lactose.

Bluestem Ferments are raw and unpasteurized. Bubbling is normal and healthy for you.