Pork Kits

Pork Kits

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Feeding a crowd? Giving a gift that definitely won’t end up in a landfill? Stocking up for winter? Now you can order our most popular cuts of pork in bundles of 5.

Looking for recipe inspiration? Click a recipe below to get the full instructions.

Our current favorites are:

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To the fullest extent possible, our animals are pasture-raised. This means they are rotated through our fresh, certified organic pastures during the snow-free months, and allowed continuous access to the outdoors during the winter.

Unlike ruminants such as cattle, pigs and chickens are omnivores. They need a balanced diet, which almost always means that grains are a part of their health and growth. That's the case on our farm also. We go out of our way to provide supplemental feed that is local and not genetically modified/non-GMO.

Our animals are never given growth hormones. We treat animals like ourselves, and would give antibiotics only in the case of a true medical emergency, never to boost growth or to temper the effects of confinement. There has never yet been a cause for antibiotics use at our farm.

For more information about our practices, please don't ever hesitate to ask us.