Soup Chickens

Soup Chickens

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What is a soup chicken, you ask? Besides being the most economical pasture-raised protein you can buy, soup chickens are great for way more than just soup. They are best cooked with a crock pot, or low and slow in a soup pot on the stove. After they're prepared, you can do anything you want with them. Enchiladas, chicken pot pie, chicken salad--sky's the limit. Please scroll down for recipe ideas. 


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Recipe Ideas

We do not recommend you throw one of these chickens on the grill or roast them in the oven. When cooked using a "moist heat" method like a braise or crock pot, they're superb. 

Read our article on pasture-raised chicken broth for Clean Eating magazine here, and our recipes for pasture-raised comfort food for the News-Review here.


To the fullest extent possible, our animals are pasture-raised. This means they are allowed continuous access to the outdoors and rotated throughout fresh pasture during the months of the year this is feasible. Broiler chickens live out their entire lives in the mobile chicken coops called "chicken tractors" popularized by farmers like Joel Salatin.

Because of our chickens' varied diets, their meat is higher in Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin A than the meat of factory farmed birds. (1)

Chickens need a balanced diet that relies in part on grains to support their health and growth. We go out of our way to provide local feed that is not genetically modified/non-GMO. Our animals are never given growth hormones. We treat animals like ourselves, and would give antibiotics only in the case of a true medical emergency, never to boost growth or to temper the effects of confinement. There has never yet been a cause for antibiotics use at our farm. 

For more information about our practices, please ask us. 

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