Pork Payments

Pork Payments

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A large pork share weighs about 12 pounds. A medium share weighs about 8 pounds, and a small weighs in at about 4. Pork shares come to you frozen, and are distributed monthly.  

Our winter season runs from Thanksgiving through February, with 4 pork deliveries in all. (Pork deliveries coincide with deliveries for all the other share types.) This year, our CSA calendar manages to miss almost all of the winter holidays, but rescheduling with us just takes a couple of clicks. 

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A typical large pork share might look like a roast, a package of ribs, a couple pounds of pork chops, a smoked ham hock, a pound of plain ground pork, a pound of breakfast sausage, and a pound or two of bacon. 

An example of a medium pork share might include a roast, a pound of pork chops, a smoked ham hock, a pound of plain ground pork, and a pound of bacon. 

Small pork shares often include a pound of pork chops, a pound of plain ground pork, a pound of bulk breakfast sausage, and a pound of bacon every-other month.

Please keep in mind the above examples are only meant as examples. 


To the fullest extent possible, our animals are pasture-raised. This means they are  rotated through fresh pasture during the snow-free months, and allowed continuous access to the outdoors during the winter. Pigs and chickens need a balanced diet that includes grains to support their health and growth. We go out of our way to provide local feed that is not genetically modified/non-GMO. Our animals are never given growth hormones. We treat animals like ourselves, and would give antibiotics only in the case of a true medical emergency, never to boost growth or to temper the effects of confinement. There has never yet been a cause for antibiotics use at our farm.

For more information about our practices, please ask us. 


We know that everyone loves bacon, but because only about 10% of a pig is made up of bacon, only about 10% of each household’s pork share can consist of this marvelous food. Due to the constraints of porcine anatomy, we are unable to raise the quantities of bacon for individuals. Please note that the bacon in your pork share might take several forms. Cottage bacon, regular bacon, and guanciale are all delicious smoked and cured cuts of pork and can be used interchangeably.


We know that joining a CSA is a big commitment, and we want you to be completely satisfied with your experience at our farm. If you find you have a problem of any kind, we hope you will come to us right away so we can fix it or provide an explanation. If you're unsatisfied for any reason, we will refund you the balance of your share on demand. 


Please be aware that we may need to ask for some flexibility with precise pickup dates for protein shares, since some aspects of scheduling are beyond our control.

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