18 Weeks of Organic Winter Food

Why stop eating local food just because it's winter? After our summer CSA ends, we start right up with a winter membership program. Deliveries take place every other week, so each of the photos below represent two weeks of food. Our delicious pasture-raised pork, chicken, and eggs are also available as winter options. For FAQs, click here.  

For details and ordering, please click here.

Early Nov-SM.jpg
Early Nov-MED.jpg
Early Nov-LG.jpg
Early Nov-OTHER.jpg
Mid Nov-SM.jpg
Mid Nov-MED.jpg
Mid Nov-LG.jpg
Mid Nov-OTHER.jpg
Late Nov-SM.jpg
Late Dec-SM.jpg
Late Jan -SM.jpg
Early February -SM.jpg
Late Nov-MED.jpg
Early Dec-MED.jpg
Late Dec-MED.jpg
Late Jan -MED.jpg
Early Feb -MED.jpg
Late Feb -MED.jpg
Late Nov-LG.jpg
Early Dec-LG.jpg
Late Dec-LG.jpg
Late Jan -LG.jpg
Early Feb -LG.jpg
Late Feb -LG.jpg
Late Nov-OTHER.jpg
Early DEC-OTHER.jpg
Late DEC-OTHER.jpg
Late Feb -OTHER.jpg
Late Feb -OTHER.jpg