Certified Organic Vegetable Shares

Certified Organic Vegetable Shares

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Our vegetable memberships are sold out for winter 2017-18. Please only add this item to your cart if you are a current member making a payment.

Medium shares are about one third smaller than large shares, and are often a good fit for individuals and couples who want to cook plenty of local food during the winter, or for small families who don't always have time to cook. (A winter Medium share is the same size as a summer Small.) We distribute winter shares on an every other week basis, so please keep in mind that the quantity of food pictured is a two-week amount.

Our winter season runs from Halloween through Presidents' Week, with 9 deliveries on alternate weeks. This year, our CSA calendar manages to miss almost all of the winter holidays. 

Per week cost comes out to $21. Please scroll down for more details.

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Have a look at every share we gave our members every week of 2015 and 2016 here and here.

We're always pushing ourselves to offer more greens to our members throughout the snowy months. This year, we're raising nearly a quarter of an acre of greens in our growing array of winter greenhouses. Not a leaf of it will be sold to the public throughout the winter season, only our CSA members.

We would never think of doing anything less than our absolute best for the people who trust us to grow their food. Even so, it has to be said that we have limitations. There are some temperatures and climate conditions that people and plants don't have a bit of say about. Same thing with pests and diseases. 

If November 2017 is a mild month, we'll be able to continue to harvest from the open field, which in turn will help us hold on to the hoophouse greens further into the winter.

While we did have a winter squash failure this year, our carrots, onions, and beets are looking better than they ever have before. We're also looking forward to even more lovely varieties of potatoes than we've ever been able to offer. 

Every growing season is different.


Our members can either choose the default share we plan out, or use an online form to build a custom box.

Whether you want to branch out and try an unfamiliar, specialty vegetable, are having people over and need not one but three bunches of carrots, or just want to try out a recipe that uses a specific ingredient, the option to customize your box allows you to bring home only what you want and need.

How does it work? Each delivery week, we send out a photo of the default share along with a link to the customization form. If you want to build your own box, just shoot us your wishes no later than the day before we deliver your share. 

There's also a 'swap box' available on site at your pick-up so you can fine-tune your box in person if you wish. 


Whether you're going out of town for the holidays or just taking off for a long weekend, rescheduling your pick-up just takes a couple of clicks. 


Our food is special not only because it is healthy, local, and environmentally responsible, but also because it is delicious. As busy cooks as well as organic farmers, we delight in the beauty, quality, and excellence of our food. We take great pride in offering our friends and customers plentiful ideas for cooking with our food, and would never abandon you with a box of unfamiliar mystery vegetables. 

Each week, we email you a photo of what's in your box along with no less than one idea per ingredient in your share—often a lot more than one. Here's an example of one of those newsletters. Sometimes these ideas come from great cooks who are fellow CSA members, and sometimes they come from cookbooks or websites we love. Many of them are our own original recipes, published in places like Edible Grande Traverse magazine, Traverse magazine, the Petoskey News-Review, and Clean Eating

And anyone can check out our farm's Pinterest boards, bursting with whole foods cooking ideas that are indexed by ingredients you're likely to find in our share. 


The vegetables, fields, pastures, and woods of Bluestem Farm are certified organic. We grow our food without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. To the greatest extent possible, we conserve and recycle our resources, relying heavily on farm-made compost and cover crops. We test our soils annually and import minerals to balance our soils. Our goal is to grow nutrient-dense food. This is a lifelong venture!

At the heart of what we do, nutrient-dense vegetables are the basis for a varied diet. We focus on providing variety without ignoring the staples. Non-GMO, no bad sprays, no synthetic anything. 


We know that joining a CSA is a big commitment, and we want you to be completely satisfied with your experience at our farm. If you find you have a problem of any kind, we hope you will come to us right away so we can fix it or provide an explanation. If you're unsatisfied for any reason, we will refund you the balance of your share on demand. 


Visit our FAQ page.

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