Join our CSA program, and you become a member of our farm and receive a share of the good food we grow.

Bluestem Farm's flexible, build your own Community Supported Agriculture (a.k.a. CSA) program allows you to choose the share combination that fits your household's needs. You pick what goes in the box. You select the right amount. You decide whether to pay up front and save 3%, or divide the total up into four manageable installments. 

Our summer 2016 program runs for 5 months, from the second week of June through the last week in October. Members come to our farm or to an off-farm delivery site to pick up unique combinations of organic vegetables and pasture-raised eggs and meats.

Total season prices are in the ballpark of $240 to $575 for vegetable shares, $144 to $288 for chicken shares, $140 to $280 for pork shares, $50 for stewing hen shares, and $40 to $80 for egg shares. Our most deluxe combination of shares, which includes larger sizes of our organic vegetables and pasture-raised pork, chicken, and eggs, sets you back less than $65 a week. 

This year, our members can also look forward to more convenient, more customizable share options. Each week, we send you a list of suggested produce. You can either choose to go with the default share we plan out, or use our online form to build your own perfect box. On top of that, we're gearing up to offer more organic fruit choices, more convenient pick-ups, and easy online rescheduling when you go out of town.

Our CSA members are fun, health-conscious, community-minded people. Because of them, we're hosting a full slate of summer events, free for our members, that includes food preservation parties once a month starting in July.  

and supporting a thriving food outreach program that's already a model in our area. Looking for fresh whole foods ideas? Our members team up to crowd-source great menu plans for what's in season, and the farm also contributes original recipes tailored to help you make the most of your share each week.

CSA Member Reviews 

Weekly Deliveries


Tuesdays 5:30 to 6 pm


Tuesdays at Bluestem Farm from 4 to 7 pm


Wednesdays 5 to 6 pm


Thursdays 5 to 6 pm

Thursdays 3:30 to 4 pm** 


Saturdays 8 am to noon

** For county employees only.


People say kids don't like to eat their veggies, but that's not how this under-12 crowd feels about the healthy food they get each week from Bluestem Farm...

I love Bluestem Farm!
I am thrilled with the quality and diversity of the vegetables we receive. Bluestem Farm really does make the world a better place.
— Chris E, Bellaire
Immensely grateful for healthy veggies, eggs, chickens and pork. Highly satisfying to support a local farm and such a wonderful family. Mary and Aaron are truly inspirational and we hope we will share in the bounty for years to come.
— C.Ann M, Boyne City
I love getting healthy, locally grown veggies that wake up my meal planning and encourage my husband and I to try new recipes. It is reasonably priced and picking up the box of veggies and meat is much more fun than shopping at a grocery store.
I love it.
— Sally W, Boyne City

Member Satisfaction Poll

From Winter 2016

“I truly do not know what I’d do without Bluestem Farm! Having access to naturally raised pork and chicken is extremely important to me, and the flavors are amazing. They’re always helpful with recipes and cooking tips. Keep up the excellent work, Mary and Aaron!
— Cathy L, Gaylord
I look forward to the delivery and have felt inspired to eat healthy and try new things. Thank you.
— Denise P, Bellaire