Breakfast Tacos with Pak Choi Wrappers

Breakfast Tacos

Infinitely adaptable, loaded with sustenance, a good breakfast taco is one of our family’s top 10 go-to meals. Substitute a leaf of pak choi for the tortilla, and they’re also 1000% local without sacrificing at all the crunch and savor of a big plate of tacos.

This recipe is scaled for a hearty meal for our family of four, plus a small amount of leftovers, which can be rolled over as toppings for other meals.


8 eggs

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 bunch scallions

1 bunch chard

1 bunch pak choi

1 bunch garlic scapes, or 2 cloves new garlic

1 pound chorizo

Bluestem Ferments hot sauce, optional, but important at our house

Warm corn or flour tortillas, optional


Brown the chorizo in a cast iron skillet. Sometimes we’re more into draining off the grease, sometimes we want it all. Either way, remove the browned chorizo to another dish, but do leave a little fat in the pan for sauteing the garlic.

Let your garlic simmer a minute, and while that’s going, chop up the stems of the chard. Add them to the pan, stir them around a little, then chop up the chard leaves and include them in the pan as well. Cover the pan for a moment to help them wilt. At our house, there are people who don’t like the greens mixed in with the eggs. Out of respect for these persons, we remove the greens, then scramble the eggs separately, but in the same pot.

Soft-scrambled eggs are the way to go at our house, and the best way to achieve this is with low heat and infrequent but judicious stirring. This is the only part of the process that really requires patience.

Shred or slice the scallions for topping. Don’t skip the copious scallions!

If someone is helping you cook, put them on the tortilla-warming or pak choi leaf-prepping. (Fresh out of pak choi? You can substitute chard, kale, or collards for the taco wrappers. After pak choi, chard is our #2 favorite.)