Green Smoothies

Green Smoothies

Last week, we talked about my family's favorite way to substitute greens for snack food. This week, it's how we love eating greens for breakfast. If you've never tried a green smoothie before, you're missing out! First of all, let's talk about what they are not: 

They're not bitter. They're not sour. And they're not overly sweet like an airport food court drink.

And what they are? 

They're substantial. They're filling. The recipe is very flexible and forgiving. And the're one of the most nutritious things you can eat. 

Even better, the recipe is scale-able. Our most hated kitchen chore is washing dishes, and one way we cut down on dishes is by preparing meals in big batches. This recipe makes a work-week's worth (go ahead, say it three times fast!) of grab & go breakfasts packed with green vitamins, antioxidants, good fats, and plenty of taste. 

But, you may say—the color is still weird? Use dark berries (such as blueberries or blackberries) and the green will be completely hidden.

Invisible. Poof.

green smoothie recipe 

a can of coconut milk

an equal amount of water (use the empty coconut milk can to measure)

one whole bunch chard, or as many greens as you can stuff into your blender

a cup or so of frozen berries or fresh fruit, whatever you have on hand

protein options: a handful or two of almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds, protein powders, etc.

as much unsweetened juice as you need to make the whole thing blend


Throw all the above ingredients into the blender (I did list them in the order I like to use to load the blender) and blend. I do have a large capacity Vitamix. If you blender is on the smaller side, you might want to start with a half batch. 

Store in jars with lids for easy breakfasts on the go. 

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