Searching for Hometown Heroes

When times get really tough, local food pantries form a line of defense between many of our neighbors and real hunger. But pantries often struggle to fill needs so great that vegetables at all, let alone local, organic ones, can become a sort of luxury.

We think this is a problem that calls for heroic efforts.

In our book, heroes are just normal people who care enough to devote their special powers—and everyone has special powers—to fix a problem. Tights and capes are strictly optional.

This June 20, Bluestem Farm is teaming up with the hometown heroes at Manna Food Project and Michigan-based independent musicians Breathe Owl Breathe to put excellent, organic food into local food pantries—and into the homes of real people who really need it.   

We’re asking for your help.

Can you or your business help sponsor the event? Donate an item to the silent auction? Volunteer to help out the night of the event? Bake a cake for the cakewalk? Bring a group of friends out to enjoy a night of memorable music along with the best community potluck of the year?

We would gratefully accept your generous support. 

Kind thanks,

Aaron & Mary Brower

Mary BrowerComment